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Plug Plants Advice, and General Gardening Tips

Welcome to Babyplants ( on WordPress, where we post useful guides on how to care, and grow your plug plants and bedding mini plugs.

Mixed Bacopa

Mixed Bacopa

Whether you want some lovely fuchsias for your hanging baskets, geraniums, petunias, surfinias, or million bells, you can see them all here.

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Plug Plants are a fantastic way to save money, and they can be grown by amateurs as well as experienced gardeners.

Bacopa Great Purple

Bacopa Great Purple

It can be hard to get into gardening at an early age, that’s why we believe that parents should introduce their children to gardening before the age of 10. This can help build the enthusiasm for them to start enjoying gardening as a hobby, rather than viewing it as an older persons job, or a chore. With the environment in dire straights, it is important that we inspire the new generation to do something about it, and care more for our planet, hopefully this will help us take the right steps to stopping global warming.

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Coming into spring, there are many jobs you can be doing around the garden, including potting up your hanging baskets with fresh plug plants, cleaning out weeds from borders, and trimming trees and bushes that have got a little out of hand.

You could also be thinking about planning you garden displays for the summer, writing down a list of possible plants, and running up a list of costs, so you can save accordingly.

It can be very important not to over water your plants when coming into the spring, as we get so much rain here in the UK, as you can see by the many floods in the last month. Under watering is always better, so bare this in mind when you’re gardening this weekend.

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Going out for walks in the countryside can give you real inspiration for your garden at home. Using the local nature as a guide, you can really capture the essence of your local environment, and recreate a garden in this image, which leads to fantastic natural looking displays.


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