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The Best Varieties of Surfinia Plug Plants to Create Garden Displays

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We love Surfinias here at, so much so that we can’t stop sharing them:

Good news is, we still have plenty of Surfinias you can buy online during April and May, so head over to the site to get them before they are all gone.

They tend to be such good trailing plants, that you rarely ever need more than 4 plants in a hanging basket, as they branch out, and end up overflowing all down the sides.

Surfinia Blue Vein

If you would like some extra info on varieties of Surfinias, check out this posts by

Surfinia Giant Purple

The above Giant Purple variety of Surfinia is a best seller here at babyplants, not quite as popular as geraniums, but almost, and will be seen in many of our hanging basket displays come the summer months. You should always keep hanging baskets in open sunlight, to get the maximum benefit, and the biggest flowers.

Surfinia Sky Blue Plug Plant

And you can always buy all of our jumbo plug plants from

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Author: babyplants supply plug plants and mini plugs online to the UK mainland. Going out of their way to provide an excellent product, and perfect customer service. Transform your garden today.

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